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Dr. Jan's Stress Relief Kit

Dr. Jan's Stress Relief Kit was developed specifically to offer valuable support to a wide range of individuals who may find themselves  looking to handle mild to significant stress.  Whether you are a first responder who faces high-pressure situations on a daily basis, a couple seeking to navigate the challenges of modern life together, or a corporate executive juggling numerous responsibilities. Our stress relief kit is here to help.

Regarding Covid 19: We are here and want to help! We are providing services through a video platform to ensure safety and confidentiality. Reach out if you need support. Call or text (248) 733-5142 or email

Empowering individuals to walk a balanced journey of life.


Why Therapy

Therapy can help individuals learn how to create balance in their daily lives, discover a different perspective, encourage better decision-making, gain a sense of calm, and see the big picture again.

Therapy can help  individuals prepare a map of directions to go in, and encourage appreciation of the distance achieved, as well as see clearly the journey you still want to continue. Creating balance through therapy will help overall well-being.

A short story from us

Balance Life Mind & Well-Being is a in-depth therapeutic counseling, coaching and consulting practice. If you are like many of our clients, you are here because you are looking to answer the question "Why"? You're looking for answers and you aren’t sure what’s not working. Maybe you have been in the same situation over and over again, experiencing work transition or trying to find work is challenging. Perhaps family is in turmoil, you have had your heart broken and you’re having a hard time moving on. You’re in a relationship and you still feel alone. Maybe you don’t know how you got to where you are today and you just want to start a new journey for your life, or you feel out of control with what’s going on in the world. This isn’t unusual... your'e a human being. You may just be at a point in your life where you just simply desire to create a balance in your life.

You don’t have to figure it all out alone. We believe in the value of having someone walk the journey with you, to help you make sense of what’s going on, and to help you take steps forward with intention and clarity.

We at BALANCE LIFE MIND & WELL-BEING are ready to help. Please reach out. 

Email us at, call or text us us at 1(248) 946-8328.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy, or psychotherapy, is the process of meeting with a trained psychotherapist to address things that are getting in the way of living the life you want. At BALANCE LIFE MIND & WELL-BEING, we meet with most clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 50-minute long sessions. During the first session we ask our clients what brought them in, and provide a safe, supportive space for them to tell us their stories.

Couple Therapy

Couples counseling, Pre-Marital or Marriage & Family, is when couples meet with a trained therapist to help them figure out what is getting in the way of having the relationship they want. At BALANCE LIFE MIND & WELL-BEING, most couples will meet with therapists for either 50-minute or 75-minute long sessions, depending on what they want to work on and the type of support the couple would most benefit from. During the first session we ask our couples what they are struggling with most, and what they are hoping will change in their relationship after therapy.

Our Services

Browse our services below

Anger Management

A psycho-therapeutic 11-week program, developed for anger prevention and control strategies.  Anger is a frequent result of frustration, harness of blocked defense mechanisms, individuals may not understand or know how to re-funnel appropriately. We hope to help individuals deploy anger successfully.

Stress Management Counsel

Stress management counseling will helps individuals cope with and manage their stress-related problems from work, school or in their home life. Depending on the individual's needs or stress issues, the counseling may be combined with some form of medication. We hope to help individuals resolve family, health related, occupational, academic or other daily functioning stress related problems.

Behavior Management

Actions/conscious inaction that enhance probability, people, individuals, and/or groups, choose as behaviors to personally fulfill as socially acceptable. We hope to help individuals appropriately balance and manage behaviors successfully.

Career Counsel

Career Counseling can be a great help to assist individuals with making decisions on the best way to reinvent chosen career or reenter the workforce. We can help individuals with unbiased advice, and give assessments to identify skills. We hope to help individuals develop a road map to outline realistic goals, no matter how daunting the goals may seem.

Depression Counsel

Often times a depressed person doesn’t have any interest in the things they used to love, and/or they may feel incapable of partaking in regular, healthy activities. Depending on the severity of depression, lack of nutrition hygiene, health & fitness, setting aside time for enjoyable and interactive entertainment, and spending time with people you love often arises after the occurrence of a negative event such as a failed relationship, the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one. Sometimes depression can be very severe, and may even cause thoughts of suicide. If this is the case, please choose to talk with someone immediately. We are here to help.

Balance Life Chats w/Dr. Jan

Power packed 1-hour experience to help you refocus, restructure and ultimately refuel your overall well-being.

Anxiety Counsel

Anxiety is experienced when anxious emotions, imbalanced stress, overwhelming thoughts, negative feelings and/or irrational thoughts are developed. Our aim is to help individuals discovery strategies to identify anxiety-provoking thoughts and feelings and successfully manage and put into proper perspective positive practices. 

Grief & Loss Counsel

Whether mourning the death of a loved one, or major life changes that have led to feelings of deep-set heartache and depression, grief counseling can help heal the scars that losing someone close to you can cause. Grief counseling can be held in either one-on-one or group sessions, depending on both the situation and preference of those seeking counseling. 

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"Choosing to balance life in a world of uncertainty, can help the journey walked,

be simply taking a deep breath and enjoying the experience."  - Dr. Jan


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