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Balance Life Chats w/Dr. Jan

Power packed 1-hour experience to help individuals, couples, and groups learn techniques and obtain tools on how to refocus, restructure and ultimately refuel overall well-being.

Balance Life Coaching

Balance Life Mind & Well-Being will help individuals sort patterns of their life into a beautifully woven plan of action. Life coach counseling will focus primarily on where individual clients want to go in their life. Goals are set, plans laid out, skills worked on. Self-examination is involved, but in a very goal-oriented, directed sense.

Life coaching may ultimately lead individuals to choose personal development counseling, determined from what they may want or believe they may need to take a deeper examination of within self.

Balance Life Mind & Well-Being will help individuals focus on finding parts of their life that may not be working quite right, fine-tune parts that are, and try to improve on areas of disconnect,  while developing a blanket of happiness. 

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in Life and Work. Your Life is made up of many vital areas including your health, family, financial, intellectual, social, work, spiritual, recreation, personal growth, romance and more.

Establishing a set time to take a calm break, will allow you and opportunity to chat and obtain key tools, techniques and strategies towards your next best move.

Don't wait until tomorrow call today to schedule your appointment time. Begin your journey to living your Balanced Life!


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