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Coaching 101

What are the differences between Coaching and Counseling? Perspective


•Goal Focused

•Focus on Resolve

•Driven Outcomes

•NO advice; Helps individuals find answers      and/or solutions to meet expected goal

•Questions desired change

•Internal beliefs from individual


•Root or Problem focused

•Driven to challenge issues

•Therapeutic: Recommendations and              directives, at times, forcefully

•States: Why you must change.

•Establish diagnosis and treatment to help

  fix the problem

Balance Life Mind & Well-Being Coaching aim is to help individuals attain goals:

One is to inspire and motivate; the other is to improve and correct. Our coaching will focus on empowering individuals to move forward in order to achieve goals. When we coach individuals to focus on goals we use measurable outcome of definitive steps taken toward that goal. Our coaching involves the use of our signature model called: “DREAM”, developed from a well-used goal model: “SMART” goals that has proven to help individuals see goals as more attainable. We instruct individuals on how to create concrete action plans or improve levels of productivity and performance in daily functioning.

Depending on what is being worked on, our coaching will encourage individuals to master, restructure or refine areas of life concerns that they may seem stuck in.

Following is an example of a coaching scenario while working with one of our clients:

Breanna held a position with a manufacturing plant for over 20-years. She always went above and beyond the call of duty, out-performing others on her team with the same qualifications and experience. She spoke with her supervisor Mike several times about her belief and desire to be promoted to a new position with more responsibility. Breanna was not feeling confident that she could actually truly manage other people, as she was always an introvert. Mike considered her promotion, but felt she would benefit from life coaching. Breanna began mentioning to certain workers about her plans, her work-ethics began to decrease, her production as well as team’s moral dropped.

Breanna supervisor Mike recommended to Breanna to call us. Our coaching process helped Breanna with an intense professional developmental process to empower her to develop self-confident skills. She also learned how to improve performance constructively. Breanna was coached on steps to identify specific, measurable, attractive, realistic goals in order to build confidence towards obtaining her dream of promotion. During the coaching process, we also developed insight on Breanna need to also acquire counseling to sort out some underlining issues and challenges in her personal life. Ultimately we helped Breanna obtain a successful Work/Life Balance outcome.


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Project Focus 365

The results of Project Focus 365 assessment guides individual’s personal and professional development, and ultimate results of Work/Life Balance. 

Our comprehensive assessments encourage growth in individuals, includes questions that help individual determine skills, expertise, competencies, effectiveness, and weaknesses.

Project Focus 365 focuses on 3-core areas:


#1 Self Perspectives: Assessments – measure stress levels


#2 Belief system: Analysis


#3 Lifestyle Change: Establishment of Integrative Life Plan (ILP)

The results from the comprehensive assessment also enhance short-term and long-term plans for future growth and success. Assessments touch on the following areas:

• Set measurable and achievable goals

• Communicate effectively

• Listen carefully

• Remain composed under pressure

• Build trust

• Make decisions decisively/accurately

• Solve problems

• Manage and adapt to change

• Suggest innovations

• Handle conflicts

• Motivate others

• Build, coach, and counsel

• Achieve results

Measurement of our assessments:

• View feedback as a beneficial tool       for growth

• Individuals are open to discovering       surprises about themselves

• Refuse to take feedback results           personally

• Commit to change, even if it’s             difficult and requires time and


The Individual Life Plan (ILP) will represent a new journey. The report will provide individuals with ideas for goals that will ultimately improve weaknesses and unlock the individual’s overall successes.

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