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Issues that individual therapy

can help with:



Behavioral Problems

Decision Making

Gambling Addictions

Self Image

Relationship Challenges

Family Dynamics

Communication Skills

Coping Patterns

Past traumas

Work/Life Balance


Career Development

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy, or individual counseling or psychotherapy, is the process of meeting with a trained psychotherapist to address things that are getting in the way of living the life you want. At Balance Life Mind & Well- Being, we meet with most clients on a weekly basis for 50-minute long sessions. During the first session we ask our clients what brought them in, and provide a safe, supportive space for them to tell us their stories.

The first few weeks of therapy are really focused on understanding our clients and helping them understand themselves. We want to know about their relationships and experiences, and how these things have informed the way that they approach their relationships and their worlds now. We work with our clients to develop this framework for understanding who they are and how they got here, and once we have this established, we work with our clients to understand the patterns they have developed.

With the help of their therapist, our clients are able to connect the dots and are better able to recognize why they have made the choices they have made and how their experiences have shaped them. Our therapists are also helping clients consider the ways they have coped in the past, and helping them as they develop more helpful coping skills.

Once our clients have this framework established, they are able to consider what is working for them and what it is they want to change. Given that they are making these decisions based on their newfound understandings, clients are able to consider these changes with compassion and intention. Our therapists then support our clients in creating the changes they want, so that they may approach their lives and be effective and empowered.

If you are ready to live a more balance life, please rreach out. Email us at or call or text us at:

1(248) 946-8328

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